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Thread: Quality of life change for Omen Sight

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    Default Quality of life change for Omen Sight

    I'd like to see Omen Sight updated to be something easier to keep track of than a four minute buff with a two minute cool down. The ability has absolutely no game play changing effects, its more-or-less specifically for people hunting Twisted Artifacts and/or Slivers. I'd suggest making it a toggled ability, click once to turn it on, and again to turn it off, similar to the Meins that Cleric's can get. Especially now that the screen effect is almost non-existent, I often find myself running around an area where there should be Twisted Artifacts and not finding any, only to realize my buff has worn off and I didn't notice. Baring making it a toggled ability, would it be so wrong to at least have it last for an hour?

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    Yes, considering the NO impact this power has on the game a simple ON/OFF mechanism would be much better, I forever forget to be honest and its bloomin annoying.

    What's the point when all it does is show you red shinies and 2 slivers atm to not have this as a on/off power

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