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Thread: Balance Guild Gathering Quests

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    Default Balance Guild Gathering Quests

    I suggest either balancing guild gathering quests OR tweaking the rewards so that the ones that suck more are rewarded more.

    The mining quests are especially suck due to having to obtain the gem container thingies.

    I can't imagine too many high level miners are turning in lightstone agates for the paltry rep when the contents are potentially worth a small fortune.

    But at all levels, the mining quests are more of a pain due to the luck involved with getting the gem container thingies, period.

    So, maybe alter the quantities to be logical or reward mining more? Just slapping the number 10 everywhere may not have been the best approach.

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    There is something to this. I will never turn in lightstone agate for a few XP while it's rare and necessary for crafting top-level items. Even a miner with no assembly skills lacks incentive to do this, so long as the AH is operating.

    The current dailies also seem designed more to drain materials than to raise interest. The usual 2 or 3 places cycle through requests for the same materials, and sometimes repeat the last quest. How about introducing a few new crafting dailies, more locations, different XP values for lower level or rarer items? A wider range of work orders might be shaped with more balance over time.

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