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Thread: Please do not make this game too easy

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    Default Please do not make this game too easy

    Please try to keep this game challenging, and put some hustle into it. I am thinking about recent changes that are veering towards easy mode, much like other games have done, and while I understand this is a game, and there must be time for all things, not every mmo needs to be accessible to everyone. Truth be told, games come and go, new one always on the horizon, but by sticking to some of the original ideas and scope and making this game challenging yet accessible as it had been i think the game has longer legs. Consider a game like everquest that since inception has kept itself basically hard, and still maintains loyal fans all these years later. If a game is too easy and instantly gratifying i think that promotes people to come and then go for the next big thing, but maintaining a standard of quality and challenge promotes loyalty and long-term fans. While I love convenience like everyone, convenience has its negatives, and removes some of the color and life of the original game, like removing soul quests, and no longer having to travel to dungeons and such... I am not complaining about these things so much as adding my voice to plead not to overdo such things.

    Thanks and good will.

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    Default agre-I think

    While skming the top half of your post I suspected those changes were your concern in the bottom half. I am going to speculate part of your concerns come from the xshard system. I've already got one post that atracted a troll asking for dynamic dungeons that IF done right would by nature change dificulties relative to geer or the phase of the moon it doesn't mater. But we need specifics. What do-ables can trion do to adress this?
    Would you like a teird exp system in wich you have the option of increasing (or decressing) gains?
    Would you like the option to (with in reason) swap exp for curency?
    What about the option of increasing(or decressing) mob mechanics
    You get the point for a open diolgue like your asking for to work you need particular goals with specifics.

    Though I do mis the soul quests to.

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