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Thread: Small Auction House change

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    Default Small Auction House change

    Currently when you buy out something on the AH it resets you to the top of the page. It was doing this before the changes in 1.4 as well.

    When you're looking to buy more then one item from the middle of the page or if you're still browsing that page this becomes a bit annoying.

    If possible I'd like the AH screen to remain in the same position after buying something.

    As I said a small change, but for folks who tend to do volume trading a helpful one.

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    I really, really hate that as well.

    I actually really enjoyed the glitch in the AH before 1.4, where if you clicked 'usable items' it would give you half pages. I was binging on artifacts, and that bug made it so I could buy out a page, click next, buy a few things, page would be empty, etc...

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    Probably the most annoying part of spamming the AH for artifacts.
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