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Thread: Dragon Mote Spawns

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    Default Dragon Mote Spawns

    Please fix this trion.

    Several suggestions.

    1. Just up the spawn rate so they are like NPC quest targets...after all they ARE quest targets for daily quests.

    2. Increase the ammount that spawn in each zone, 3 is pitifully low and they are spawning at quite inaccessible places to.

    3. Have them spawn after a rift tear has been defeated of life or water flavours, thus increasing rift activity And people doing rifts in rift teams, effectively an extra stage.

    4. A comblination of the above.

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    I think whenever that zone message pops up, there should be 5-7 spawning, at least. I mean, 3 for a whole zone...how weak was that dragon? Seriously.

    And the spawns should be like every 30 mins, not every 2 hours. It's an event, right? Plus, it's not like invasions...I mean, they spawn to be looted basically. They don't disturb anything else.

    I def. agree that one or two spawning after a rift is closed would be an excellent way of getting people to get back into rifts. I'm trying to farm rifts, but it's like...why bother? I either have to pray someone somewhere will want to help me on the elite boss stage, or go reeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy slow so I close the rift before the last unstable stage because I can't solo it on one of my two lowbies.

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