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Thread: The Delicate Balance Between PvE & PvP

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    Default The Delicate Balance Between PvE & PvP

    Over the past few months many classes have been nerfed/buffed, some worse and better than others, and because of this the balance of individual souls vs. other souls has become highly unstable in Player vs. Environment as well as Player vs. Player. There are plenty examples of this; Pyromancer's are probably the easiest reference, since they were basically nerfed to basically nothing around 1.2 due to their obscene amount of damage output. Same goes for Marksman- their damage is extremely high in PvP, so they're nerfed, and now they're the lowest (sustained) ranged dps class for rogues.

    Here's my suggestion:

    1. Create duplicates of the already existing souls (aside from the PvP soul)
    • The purpose of these new souls will to only be used for PvP purposes
    • Alter their mechanics to balance them correctly to other callings/souls
    • This will allow players to easily carry over the same play style from PvE to PvP
    • These PvP souls will only be usable in PvP roles (see below)
    • Alternative to this would to create multiple PvP souls for each calling; each having unique qualities about them- much like the existing souls

    2. Allow players to purchase 5 new PvP roles
    • These 5 new role slots will use the newly balanced PvP souls, as well as the already existing PvP soul for each calling- but will be unable to use PvE souls.
    • These new roles will be purchasable from PvP vendors in exchange for Favor- increasing in price for every role purchased
    • The first PvP Role should be given freely upon completing an introductory quest to PvP combat in the players main city
    • PvP Roles will be usable anywhere in Telara- for PvP servers mainly.
    • The original 5 roles will no longer be usable in War Fronts
    3. Force a change between PvE and PvP roles when necessary
    • When a player enters a War Front, their role will automatically change to their most recently used PvP Role
    • When a player enters a Dungeon or Raid, their role will automatically change to their most recently used PvE Role
    • This also means that PvE roles would be unusable in War Fronts, and PvP roles would be unusable in Dungeons/Raids
    4. End Result; both PvE and PvP players will be extremely happy with the results, as there will be no griping about balancing purely for PvP or PvE- Instead, the souls will be balanced with their respective counter-parts of other callings.

    Hopefully you guys (Trion & their employees) take this into consideration. I understand that it would cost money, but hey, nothing is free. This WILL however bring you many happy players, which is better than a bit of cash in the long-run

    P.S.- Sorry if there's another post similar to this! I didn't bother looking, figured I'd get right to the point.
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    I don`t think I ever played a game where pvp was fully balanced. It can`t happen. Pvp is always going to have classes that do better against others and so on. So they nerf and buff the classes till they feel they have a decent margin that is acceptable. Now what you think and they think is acceptable can be two different things. But player vs player combat balancing has always been a huge issue in almost every game that had it. There is really nothing you can do about it, all you can do is hope it finds a happy medium that people can at least deal with without raging too much if they killed more times then they would like.

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    I'm not sure why people refuse to accept the simple fact that you can NEVER.. (let me repeat that slowly) N E V E R, have balance in a game that offers a variety of class and game play.. Classes are different for a reason, and will always play different.. Same applies to PvE vs. PvP .. Too many skills and mechanics that will not work the same in both areas.. Game devs have been toying with balance for over 10 years.. It's a MYTH.. It doesn't exist.. The devs know this, but keep bs'ing the gaming public into believing it exist.. All you're getting is adjustments with the scales.. Which in fact is a carrot.. It keeps people playing to "experience" the new talent tree, new spec, new this or new that..

    It's all a gimic and the sheep just keep on following..

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