Alright what is the point of being a ranged/caster in this game?

Warriors having the ability to charge at me, teleport behind me, increased running speed, silence me, root me, God mode? seriously?

The worst part is they do more DPS than any other class, with instants?
Paragon charging to a full p6 valor mage and dps on them in 2 seconds to death isnt fun really

What ever happened to the point of being ranged versus melee, that they had to get to u first?

now its a charge to stun root dps til im dead battle?

where is the mechanics in pvp where there is no range between melee and casters/ranged dps because they can teleport, charge at you, silence you, root you fear you,

what is with warrior aoe fear not breaking on damage and not being cleansed?

I remember in games that fear was on of the most OP tool mages had and it was actually cleansable and breakable on damage

Im sure you developers enjoy your warrior class but thats the most overlooked type of role in PVP

I dont know what you were thinking, maybe it was fun to have all these utilites in hand but seriously? cmon? get ur head out of the gutter?

ID like to know I have time to cast a spell on something before they get to me, but no

they can charge at me silence me fear me root me as a Melee plate wearing class

Rogues= by far the weakest class in warfronts now
nobody is afraid of a rogue, im not afraid of a rogue, rogues are only good for carrying flags in whitesteppe nowadays and barding I suppose

The only way to actually be a mage nowadays in Rift is to role a high survivability build with lesser dps, aka have some sort of defense mechanism or self heals

Why do we have to be the cat and warriors be the mouse? because thats the nature of being a mage or cloth I suppose

now how would it be fair for the mouse if the cat was able to teleport right behind it and be in its face instantly, the mouse would have no chance of getting away with the agility of a cat

consider the agility of a cat being the DPS of a paragon warrior now adays in rift

hell even champions can dish out some pretty good dmg

the problem is the distance between ranged and melee in this game is irrelevant

I remember when pyro's did crazy dmg, they did that only because nobody had valor

Now adays if pyro had never been changed, they would not have been as OP as they use to be

Let me put this into perspective...

when a full p6 valor mage gets 2-3 shotted by a fully geared warrior

I cant imagine what it would be like for players without any valor

Can you say paragon 1shot on the lesser geared players?

ok now how is this any different than pyro being strong?

I mean not like paragon cant run 50% faster or charge to players?

what makes pyro SO OP back then or NOW that makes paragon not so much OP

of course the geared pyros did good dmg to the no valor geared players, thats normal

seriously wtf nerf our best dps class because the game was new, but then buff paragons which are even more op and deadlier than pyros ever were? even with the fully valor geared players?

im sorry if you are not a geared paragon and dont know what Im talking about but im sure plenty have experienced death in few seconds geared or not from a yellow bar'd player

u know another thing that is stupid, rogues have to worry about their energy and paragons have no problem yet paragons dish out more dmg than rogues do?

whatever happen to rogues being the squishiest yet dish out the most amount of dmg unexpectedly

now it turns out that paragons are by far the least squishiest class other than clerics or mage with survivability but im takling about a dps focused builds with still great survivabilty

sigh I miss the day where kiting was actually possible, but I guess the ways of a mage is killed

I didnt roll a mage to be using instant spells....but it turns out this game was designed that way yet in this game its inferior to other classes

Mage is a hard class to perfect and be good at, goodluck keeping the subscription of the players who only want to play a caster class yet run into getting 1shotted by a warrior who they expected to take a few seconds to get to them but NOOOOO they charge and run fast and teleport behind me,

IDK what direct suggestion could be made here but perhaps revive pyro so mages have something fun to use

the new stormcaller is fun and all but im sure that many have not discovered it and many are crying who are new to this game and to these warfronts, that do not have the gear to survive 1shots

honestly you need to seperate warfronts into brackets to seperate the greeen/blue playres from the p6 players before you lose subscriptions.. sigh and with p7 p8 coming out

are we seriously going to pair those stats up agains a noob undergeared 50?..goodluck godblesss..