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Thread: Quest Line that you have a CHOICE which way to go

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    Default Quest Line that you have a CHOICE which way to go

    Kind alike the old books, If you wanna turn right, goto page 4...
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    Would love that so much.

    I'd also like more questlines that open up factions if you choose to do certain things. Generally I want to feel more like I am choosing my own way as an ascended, doing the will of the Vigil (not really, I play a neutral character) in a way that I decide, rather than having mr. and miss. Hopples point me down a road because it leads me to where I am supposed to be according to higher powers than the vigil themselves.
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    Default totally cool

    I would like to see this to help make a third faction as well.

    maybe with the new AA coming out sometime, they can add some quests that merge your factions up a bit.

    say you do real bad stuff you turn into a defector

    say you do defiant stuff you are well a defiant

    same for Guardians.

    I think one problem might be though is that its tough to develop. (it just kinda seems like it would be)

    but, I think it would be more than worth it

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