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Thread: Add use for old golden dragon eggs

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    Default Add use for old golden dragon eggs

    I'm not sure if anyone else does, but I have a decently sized stack of the golden dragon eggs from two (??) events ago sitting in my bank.

    However, there is nothing on the world event merchant to spend them on now that the daily quests are gone.

    Someday I'd like to see something we can use them for, to get rid of the extra ones I have (since I'm sure they'll never be offered again).

    Just a suggestion for non-important old content. ;)
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    Not saying you think any of this but just to clarify for folks reading since these posts about the eggs pop up constantly.......

    Despite what many think, the Golden Dragon Eggs were NOT world event currency. They were quest items that were turned in at varying amounts for rewards. You could not purchase anything off a vendor with them. As such, once that quest event ended, and the quests were no longer available, you couldnt turn them in anymore.

    So dont expect anything on the World Event merchant as they were never part of a world event. Either save them in the hopes they allow you to do something with them, or toss them. You shouldnt expect anything though. If you horded them or farmed them to make the daily's they were used for easier... thats on you.
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