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Thread: A solution for Need vs Greed in LFG dungeon...

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    Default A solution for Need vs Greed in LFG dungeon...

    If someone Needs an item in a group, for up to 1 minute after the roll has concluded, other players can contest the roll.

    If someone contests the roll, a vote is held. The vote will list all players and have an additional option for Reroll.

    3/5 people will have to vote for the same person to transfer ownership of the item to the voted person.

    Reroll will allow the entire party to roll on the item again. This will be the default if the party can't get 3 people to vote for the same person.

    An item cannot be contested twice.

    A contested item is Soulbound, cannot be rune broken/salvaged and cannot be sold to a vendor or otherwise profited on. The item is for wearing on your current character only.

    Disconnecting/disbanding during a contested roll will automatically place your vote as a reroll and select Need on your behalf.

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    So you'll have groups of 3 guildies queueing for randoms and essentially ninjaing everything that drops in a dungeon.

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    nty .

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    Be alot easier if they just locked it to where only class can role on class items. It everyone passes and no class rolls then it can go for a free for all greed roll. That way I don`t have to worry about the mage rolling need on a tower shield for my warrior so he can put it in the AH.

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    Way to complicated and drama enducing.

    Make any item won with a need roll have zero value and be non-breakable. Problem solved.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vashane View Post
    I would just like to add, I sure hope they don't add something to this game before they add something else that is totally unrelated to the thing they might add, because that would really tick me off or something if they added it first before the thing that should be added first even though its totally unrelated like, you know?

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    Default or...

    for armor: reward players for using the max armor type that calling permits, lock lower types from a need role.
    other slots could have calling restrictions on them as well
    I think another MMO trise to do that.

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