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Thread: Dungeons in Progress

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    Default Dungeons in Progress

    Two quick suggestions. Since we now have a cross shard looking for group system.

    1) I would like to know if the dungeon is in progress and how many bosses have been defeated before joining (I don't like being saved to a dungeon that I only get to kill the last boss for)

    2) If I join an in progress dungeon that people are already well into the dungeon I'd like to start where they are standing, not at the beginning and hold up the entire group as I have to walk the whole way there and possibly be killed by trash that was left in weird places.

    I think it might enhance the cross shard LFG (although, people might not like the first suggestion, since there are many like myself who won't/don't want to join a group because they are on the last boss and will result in people not being able to finish an instance because of no one joining) I guess it has an upside and downfall.
    I just think in the end I would like to know, in case I'm trying for a gear piece I'd like to get and join something that's on a boss that is well past the one I desire and not be able to queue for that dungeon again.

    Post some thoughts! ^.^

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    Agreed. Coming into a half-done zone is usually already a red flag. There is a much higher risk that this group is not competent for whatever reason, than a fresh random roll.

    This is important data that players should be informed of before accepting invites that both lock a zone down for them for the day and drag them into something at a higher risk of baseline dysfunction than average.

    If I join a half-done zone, usually I will request liberal drop rolling privileges as potential reward for the pinch hitting. That usually simply means rolling need on any tank or dps pieces that drop, regardless of what procc'd for the party pickup.

    Alternatively they could reward joining stalled teams more than entering fresh runs, and then people would be happy to take the quick potential of plaques and end bosses with better loot pools but that would be prone to abuse.
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