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Thread: A more reliable role proficiency check for public groups

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    Default A more reliable role proficiency check for public groups

    It is fair and good that the competency of a player in a given role should be checked when flagging for public groups. This ensures optimal enjoyment of the content when the team does not unduly struggle and underperform the intended content.

    Currently competency checks are performed on base statistics. These statistics are two degrees separated from more relevant parameters such as HPS, DPS, and damage mitigation that the population already uses to gauge performance.

    Trion should incorporate these superior parameters into their public group check system. The requirements would not be more strict, they would simply be more reliable predictors of proficiency and readiness than we currently have.

    DPS Proficiency:
    DPS roles must earn an achievement from dummy or quest combat: example 550 DPS over 100k damage to the dummy procs an achievement, and that achievement lets you queue for public T2s.

    Tank Proficiency:
    Quest achievement. An enemy spawns with a certain DPS. A healer spawns with a certain HPS. You are the tank. If you live, you earn an achievement that unlocks your ability to queue for public T2s. If you die, you must improve your tank.

    Healer Proficiency:

    Same thing. Only mechanical NPC tank, and that same enemy. The tank lives, you can T2. The tank dies, and your healer isn't ready.

    These are superior parameters to test players' readiness. They're simple to add as well. They require no new mechanics, except possibly an internal DPS meter for the damagers.

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    Have other tests like the above but have mobile void zones moving around the area and have the dps/healer be required to end the fight above a certain amount of health for pre-raid screening to set the stage for a cross shard LFR tool into which they can implement the SW:ToR personalized loot bag idea from that other thread.

    Eh, we probably won't see it, but I don't see why not.

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