Recently, I came across the problem of doing more daily quests than I was allowed to do. Not knowing the problem I went to the GM's to ask why my NPC was greyed out but it showed completed in the log and on the minimap. The first response from a GM was for me to do a File Recovery process. The second GM then told me I surpassed my daily allotment of Dailies. I think we are allotted 25 dailies per day. However it would make sense to show this number to the player so s/he could prioritize their Dailies per day. here is my example, I am trying to get noteriety for the following factions, Dragonslayer Covenant, Ice Watch and Order of the Mathos. I think PvP dailies don't count anymore per patch 1.4. The only way I know when I go over my limit is after I do the quest and go back to the quest giver and he is greyed out. If I do not abandon the quest and wait until the next day, it kind of screws up the next days dailies.

A simple tracker for the number of dailies that are available to the player would be nice.