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    IMO, one of the biggest problems with MMORPGs is static content.

    One reason people love a game like Diablo so much is because every time you play it you might see slightly different zone and dungeon layouts (it's not completely random but it's somewhat randomized) with different content (mobs sets and stuff) and randomized loot (no loot tables, random drops featuring some possibly static items like set pieces and/or legenaries along with totally randomlized loot).

    I'd beg Trion designers and devs to check out the LDON expansion and dungeon system from EQLive as an example of how MMORPG content can get the diablo treatment.

    Another thing that's ungodly annoying in MMORPGs is loot tables and loot drops - farming content hoping for a drop, or worse, having to cross server pug and roll for stuff against people who don't care about you at all, where you never see the same people twice, and here people will roll on anything just to be a-holes...

    Ditch loot tables. Entirely. Go with a system where you earn your loot based on participation and everybody is rewarded (kinda like how plaques work but expand it to cover ALL loot). This is also done in LDON with limits and a spread of where you get loot to push for more participation.

    Another fail element of dungeon running under the current boring system is completion. Add in the fact that trash is usually totally pointless except as a time synch which is neato for developers - it keeps people tied up in content longer, but for players it's mind numbingly boring and pointless.

    LDON also addressed both of these since you only get rewards for completing instances, and since the dungeons have a mission, a point, and a timer, you're encouraged to finish in a reasonable (short) amount of time, and since trash is often part of the goal, you're killing trash for a reason other than just to plow to the next boss.

    Anyways, there are a lot of ways the brutally static dungeon content that has been done beyond death could be tweaked to make it far more interesting and engaging, and LDON was one mechanism that brought a lot of great ideas to the table.

    It'd be sweet to see something like LDON revisited in a modern MMORPG.

    It'd be sweet to have dozens of possible dungeon layouts with alternate mobs and content instead of 10 utterly static instances that get boring after grinding them to dust trying for that one last drop or just to get plaques, genociding the same boring trash mobs and utterly predictable static bosses.

    It'd be sweet to do dungeons where there's a timer to hit and a point to being there other than just systematically repeating the same content for the 100th time.

    Shorter, more dynamic, more engaging, more purposeful, more exciting - that's what LDON was vs the same old boring instanced static content.

    Plus random loot is more fun - or at least having a mix of random plus static is more fun. If you get a cool epic drop it's still the same epic drop everyon else has. If the stats are randomized a little there's more of a chance of something marginally unique or less repetitve dropping - or total garbage that's pure rb fodder.
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    green and blue ''trash loots'', as well as some epic one sometimes, should have a loot table similar to...


    items had various prefixes and suffixes that generated the look, the purpose and the stats.

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