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Thread: Port Scion

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    Default Port Scion

    I think the boss and custodians should be rolled or controlled by players. I think that would be some fun. Instead of boss being stationary in one place.

    Also allowing people attcking other faction capitals. Make is a 20 man raid for quest.

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    It would take more than 20 people to raid a Meridian or Sanctum. Regarding Port Scion, it reminds me too much of AV. I don't think the bosses should be killable at all. The current setup basically allows for PVE completed objectives to win the game. I'm not personally a fan of PVE objectives in a PVP WF.

    Best setup for Port Scion in my opinion would be no PVE objectives. You must control the bridge to control the church and you must run shards for the win. NPC's are not worth any points. End of story. (It's too easy to take out one side's idols or planars and kill npc's as an augment to shard running for a victory.)

    Perhaps this seems boring, but PVP is PVP. You can design a million maps and come up with all kinds of creative things to do on those maps, but in the end... it's PVP. Does anyone feel like a good brawl? It seems like the answer in Port Scion is no.

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