Since Trion added an Escalation mode to Whitefall Steppes, why not give us more variety for warfronts. Nobody ever uses the full map of Black Garden and with minimal work we can jazz it up a lot! I present to you Black Garden Extended! Unlike Escalation, this should be a separate queue for those who don't mind or prefer longer matches while those who have limited time or prefer can choose the original Black Garden still.

- 20 versus 20 combat
- First team to 1500 points wins
- 2 Fangs spawn instead of just 1
- New spawn locations include the East and West side of the map
- Fang spawn locations are random and may spawn together or at different times after it has been returned.
- Players can now mount in the map (to help ride to and around to access the east and west spawn locations)

Let the bloodbath begin!