Currently I have about 313 completed sets of artifacts. My observations / suggestions:

#1 - the timer on the 300 set reward is too long. with a 24 hour cooldown i cant even really show it to my friends. with the cooldown that long it's not even a fun gimmick. it is not a good reward for something so hard to get. best solution is to drastically reduce the cooldown.

#2 - in one of the shared zones like droughtlands, there should be a separate auction house that can be used by both factions. i suggest this primarily for homeland artifacts. the drop rate on some of them from gloamwood and silverwood is best described as horrid. i have literally farmed thousands of artifacts in all zones and some of them simply do not drop at a high enough rate for 1 person to realistically get them. a cross faction auction would be good from a player standpoint as artifacts would likely fetch higher prices from the enemy whose access to them is reduced.

#3 - the 300 level reward should provide an additional item with the following characteristics:

-- very low cooldown, maybe 15 seconds max
-- item references the artifact you select against all currently spawned artifacts in specific zone
-- item reports to you whether the artifact you have selected to examine is currently available in the zone

this item would be good from a artifact hunter's perspective as it would prevent wasted hours of searching for something that doesn't exist. for example, in moonshade i need sealed spirit. this artifact simply does not exist - i have spent many hours over many separate days searching all areas of moonshade and i never find it. if i could survey the zone and know if it was in the zone or not, then my gaming experience would be improved by not wasting time looking for something which doesn't exist. this would also facilitate social interaction. i could go to moonshade, click my item, click sealed spirit, and if it told me that it was currently in existence I could spam both moonshade chat and level 50 chat offering a bounty to whoever found it.