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Thread: Justicar skill idea's

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    Post Justicar skill idea's

    Just some Justi ideas. Was bored and felt like making some up. (any numbers are there for the sake of having an example and in no way are meant to be exactly that amount)

    Devout Deflection - Increase parry by 30% for 10 seconds. 45 second cool-down.
    New Tree skill: Path of fulfillment (replaces Supremacy) - Devout Deflection heals the cleric for 15/30% of the parried damage.

    Thorvin's Conviction (replaces Sovereignty) - Consuming all of the clerics Conviction to steady ones self against the arcane. Increases the clerics magical resistance by 200 and lasts 2 seconds for each conviction consumed. 60 second cooldown.

    New Teir 3 Tree skill : Radiant Will - Imbues the clerics weapon with a powerfully brilliant light, stunning enemies within 3 meters for 2 seconds. Blinds up to 10 enemies withing 15 meters for 6 seconds dealing 10-20 life damage. Cannot be interupted.Channeled 6 seconds. Cool-down 30 seconds.
    (Blind: ranged abilities have a 75% chance to miss, melee 45%)
    (can still be stunned or other forms of CC)
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