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Thread: Rift lures

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    Default Rift lures

    I am just wondering if their are others that this happens to and would like to see a couple of changes similar to the ones i list. I buy a rift or raid rift lure then i craft the same lure and then complete the quest to get the free lure great it gave me the same lure. Im not upset that i have three of the same lure but i am upset that now i have 3 slots in my bag taken up because they wont stack. and i hold or buy most of the lures for my guild, I would like to see lures become trade-able. It would be nice if i could put some lures in the guild bank or give them to guildies.
    so i guess im asking that lure should stack if they open the same rift, and lures should be trade-able.
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