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Thread: Different Visualization Effects for Different Skills

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    Default Different Visualization Effects for Different Skills

    Example: Thunderbolt (SC) visualization look exactly the same as Lightning Strike (Ele).
    It would be cool if there are different visualization effects for different skills even if its minor as long as it could be seen. Cause for me, most of the time im not looking at my skillbars often.
    I focus on the effects and casting of my toon usually.
    It got me confused at times and i got to checkout my bars which will make me lose sight of my toon in that split second.
    Different players play differently with different builds and i cant use Macros for this one.
    Therefore i need to see the effects. Even if its minor.

    Suggestion: Visualization for Thunderbolt is perfect as it is a Bolt of thunder. Therefore please change the visualization of Lightning Strike, for example like Neural Prod (Dom) visualization but Vertically instead. And a lot more mass to it as its one of the High Damaging Spells.

    Just a minor change to a small effect wont be a problem i guess.

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