Before you read this I'm kind of new to rift, so if you already can go into the planes just let me know please.

Ok so during an invasion an NPC shouted 'Draw more power from the planes', at this point I thought that it would be cool If you could go into a rift and enter the plane that was invading at that point, and hold off the 'More power'.

Ok, that last idea was a little stupid, so maybye in an expansion pack (if any are made) you could be able to go into a plane? Or maybye in some invasions there would be an extra large rift which you could enter and disable from inside the plane (kind of like closing an oblivion gate in oblivion?)

If you think this is a good idea then let me know, and if you think it isn't a very good idea, again, let me know but don't go all caps lock at me for it.