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Thread: More creativity with Pets.

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    Default More creativity with Pets.

    There are some really nice models in RIFT that would look great as pets, yet we our stuck with the wolf, bore and Dinosaur.

    They get old really quick. You cannot even get one with a different skin colour. I hope this changes in the future.

    On the subject of pets, who was behind the design of the Elementalist water pet. This has to be a complete joke. It is completely useless. Its graphical design, looks like something that was left on the bottom of someone`s cereal bowl.

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    TECHNICALLY you can get one with a different skin color. Lesser to greater is a different skin color for everything except the air and water elemental, and I don't think the Saytr has a second model.

    I feel like Trion just kinda finished those off quickly in order to move on to more gameplay-related issues, and I feel like that was a good move. Hopefully in this summer update or whatever major content patch comes next, they can give pets some love...seeing the same pet is a sort of...oh, lame...but at the end of the day I'm more concerned with actualy gameplay.


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