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Thread: Cross-Shard LFD "Option"

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    Default Cross-Shard LFD "Option"

    If a cross-shard looking for dungeon tool is implemented, can you make it so individuals have the option to participate by checking a box? I see many people arguing the merits and disadvantages of cross-shard grouping so why not just leave it to our discretion?

    If the concern over this idea is that it will destroy the viability of the cross-shard tool because too many people will opt-out, then perhaps it isn't a good idea to begin with?

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    While I can understand the complaints (even if I don't agree with them myself) of people saying these kind of things, what I don't understand is why you even need a little checkbox.

    You will still be able to form a single-shard group, with chat channels. Then when you have everyone, you just queue up and the tool goes "Oh you want me to find you a group for a dungeon, okay. Oh, you already have everyone? Dungeon time!" and works as you'd expect. You even get the bonus for a random, just like you had queued up with a PUG.

    I seem to recall this being something people wanted on WoW when they were getting ready to implement the same thing, and after cross-realm LFG went live people ended up forming groups manually when they didn't want folks from other realms. Seemed to work out fine for them, so I don't see why anything would be different here.

    You get to be with people just from your shard, people who want to use the tool normally get to, and Trion doesn't have to rush in some last-minute code that might risk being buggy or potentially break the whole tool. Everyone wins.
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