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Thread: Suggestion for Eldritch Vanguard Vendor

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    Default Suggestion for Eldritch Vanguard Vendor

    Hello, the Eldritch Vanguard Vendor has some things for sale, but quite honestly, most of it is useless.

    The weapons don't have any valor on it and the items that do have valor have so little it's basically useless. What is the point of that gear then?

    My suggestion is to add valor to all that gear being sold and also add valor as a stat on top of all the current and future pvp weapons. Keep the itemization the same but add a chunk of valor onto them.

    As of now pvp weapons are subpar to pve t2 weapons even for pvp use. Just add some valor and also please make an effort to make pvp gear look different than pve gear.

    I would recommend investing more into the visual department and make all gear and costume in game looking great. They don't have to look like clown costumes but so far there's not a lot of unique looks and they all look very similar. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azguard View Post
    As of now pvp weapons are subpar to pve t2 weapons even for pvp use.
    Those weapons are not the best PVP weapons available?
    As soon as I hit 50, I bought PVP weapons on all my toons. They were all HUGE upgrades, for PVP and PVE.

    I'm not too sure why you mention T2 weapons being better than the first available PVP weapons...
    A fresh 50 who wants to PVP should farm T1 for weeks/months, and then T2 until he has a weapon?
    You can get your PVP weapons in about 2 hours of gaming over 2 days ( just complete the daily warfront, and the 4 daily PVP quests, and you got your weapons ).

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