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Thread: Let us put a weapon in the wardrobe too :)

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    Default Let us put a weapon in the wardrobe too :)

    Hey trion ! The wardrobe is a great feature to give the players the unique feel they want, but you know when you're running down meridian or sanctum and you look like the biggest boss ever, and then your weapon looks like a shovel? Yeah, you guys my point?


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    That is something, I would realy like to see in Rift. It would make character customization much better.

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    I don't see why this is not in yet.

    Ofc, we don't want to dual wield and appear as a 2hander or things like that but we would like to keep certar weapon/shield models over others.

    For instance, I like long 1h swords while the game has a large variety of shorter 1h swords (not daggers but not longswords either) so I'd like to appear when I hold that butter knife as holding a longsword.

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    I'd say, a shield too...I'm vain!

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