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Thread: Transference, Split Personality

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    Default Transference, Split Personality

    ok, i play dominator because i feel like i force my opponents into a thinking match. i know they will leave frustrated, even if i get killed and with teammates, my effort make killing my enemies much easier.

    i don't want to dps. remove split personality- it offers too much burst and is off the dominator mark imo.

    transference is hella annoying. it is also on CD. a smart player forces me to use this and then kills me when i can't use it. BUT AT 21 points it is too easy to acquire.

    my suggestion is to remove split personality and move transference into its spot.

    this creates 3 empty talents. instead of weakening the way heals work in pvp give more healing debuffs. another healing debuff for 21 points to replace the old transference spot makes Dominator an even better support class without giving them much 1v1.

    a general increase to cast times for the 2 talents that once worked to make split personality an instant spell would be reasonable replacements. this would encourage exploration into other trees that have good stand still and cast spells. you could also offer quick thinking part 2 here so that an additional .5 second of cast time is taken off spells after movement impairing/ control effects BUT add that any spell that becomes instant gets a 10 second CD if not already on one.

    yes, those suggestions require code, but they are reasonable, give dominator a unique feel and address current issues with the soul.

    in general, i feel most players will be annoyed with the class because it functions to limit their ability to pressure opponents. it can do that and still be balanced.

    i also think it is too easy now to spend points and get big bang for your buck in dominator, especially as compares to archon.
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    split personality is not that great. my first character, when i got it i thought, "cool i can win 1v1 now". i wasn't super excited as i am not looking to bring that to a team.

    i want to prove to the team that we can win with less/no heals.

    i want to hold a codex point of interest from three players so i can buy my team 40 seconds- then die (see: fear and squirrle two targets fight another -losing- cc first target i was fighting while other two beat me or, if enough time has passed cc the freshly un-immune person).

    does that seem broken to you? well, here's the kicker. i buy my team 40 seconds. i always die. you don't like it because i am not fighting you. i am stymieing you. that's why i've always rolled dominator.

    my favorite WF quote, "stop squirreling me and fight you (insert something sexist or homophobic)" i hear that in the graveyard waiting to respawn.

    i went ahead and double posted here to give developers an idea of what i want in my dominator. i am not sure that's what everyone wants, but it is balanced and does create a more interesting pvp space for players.

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