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Thread: A way to balance the servers?

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    Default A way to balance the servers?

    The fact that we can transfer to a new shard once a week is nice. But one thing i've noticed is either the guardians or defiant are dominant because guilds coming or going. In fact two of the biggest guardian guilds left my shard due to being outnumbered, which now makes the situation worse. Having to many defiant makes its own problems too.

    Why not have an incentive to make servers more balanced. To many of one faction won't give a punishment, but the under represented might be given some boost until the server becomes more balanced. For under 50 maybe an experience boost, while 50s might get up to a 10% increase in the chance of rare stuff dropping. This would be proportional to the imbalance. So only a little imbalance might give 1%, but having a huge difference might give the 10%.

    Yes I know there would be those guilds that would try to transfer, but having the limit to once per week would make chasing the bonus kinda hard.
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    That's just how the game is. There's no way to 'force' balance without taking consumer choice out of the equation.

    ANY buffs would be exploited. More exp? Transfer leveling characters to low pop servers, then transfer back when you're 50. Rare drops are a moot buff, as they are all pretty much worthless.

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    Default Can't do it.

    This game rockets you to max level to begin with, how would a "more xp %" be an incentive?
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