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Thread: Staff of the Inevitable

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    Default Staff of the Inevitable

    Staff of the Inevitable (the staff from Alsbeth) looks dumb as hell... Why doesn't it look like Phantasmagoria like the Genesis Pylon looks like the Guardian epic staff?

    Phantasmagoria looks friggen sweet.. Staff of the inevitable looks like that quest reward you get from the RoS event.

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    I was actually grinding Mathos rep the other day, and we had a fully raid geared, tier blahblah with that legendary, and someone else with that phasmat****** one... Someone linked the phantasm****** one first, and I was like OMG THAT STAFF IS AWESOME!!!

    ...then someone linked a legendary that the other Mage had, and I was like, she looks awesome, her staff must look awesome!!! ...hm...wait...no...maybe I didn't click the right thing because this is CLEARLY a level 5 staff...hm...maybe if I click more...no...

    So I ask on vent if that legendary really looks like **** to everyone else, and they say 'yeah'. lol

    Someone said 'looks don't matter' and I HAVE to disagree. If that **** doesn't look awesome, what the hell was the point of grinding it out? Half the reason to get new gear is to look amazing and intimidating.


    Buff legendary graphics plx.


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