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Thread: Incursions, the reverse-rift.

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    Default Incursions, the reverse-rift.

    PvE (Competitive instanced)
    We have enough points to where the ascended have abilities to force rifts open, break past barriers for time... Open up slivers of planes... Why not create a situation where we actually have a minor incursion into a plane, rather than it being a pvp battlefield though we're still AGAINST that specific plane so there could be some pvp combat but ultimately you're having a pve element or 'third' team introduced in which the goal is to create a minor foothold into that specific plane for a time... The rewards of which could include planar crafting, high end gear that's CRAFTED from things that are only found in the incursion or foothold for that limit of time... And you can easily make it to where they're pushed back because it would depend on the ascended to hold it in the first place... Ultimately I've seen this done in a couple MMOs where they try to create a strategic element for pvp... This would be a good example of it... It's not so much creating the ultimate deathmatch as it is truly out there for survival out there to get the means to hold out a little bit longer in a specific plane... This would even give a little room to expand lore, raids... Anything really.

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    Every few days someone suggests this, and every few days someone else
    Points that that Trion said pre-release that they would eventually like to have players take the fight to the planes.

    Expect it in an expansion, ormore likelyseveral expansions.
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    If the only target audience for Rift is disenfranchised WoW players, its doomed imo.

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    It's a lore thing, isn't it? One of the differences in the guardian/defiant approach... or that's what I remember from the little comic, anyway. The guardians wanted to destroy the devices that held rifts open, as a measure of defense. The defiants wanted to not destroy them 1) for fear that the rift would get stuck open upon destruction of the device and 2) to study the technology and later use it proactively to fight in the planes.

    Don't take me word for word on this but that's what I got out of it. If such is the case then I'd say it's something to look forward to in future encounters but not at this stage.
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