Alright, so I'm one of those players that likes my character to be in mint condition, that means, I like to obtain things while they are obtainable, as well as I am to a point a perfectionist (by to a point I mean obsessed).

What I feel that RIFT is lacking, is some sort of backtracking for instances where you miss out on a set book, artifact or collectible because the environment zones.

I for starters missed the book you can pick up in Terminus, and seeing I'm not in Terminus anymore, I can't pick up the book anymore, and unfortunately GM's can't hand me the item, because I'm not eligible for it (I haven't looted it before obviously).

My other issue is profession titles, is it possible to drop titles somehow from professions you have dropped? I have no desire of being able to call me "Apprentice Miner" when I don't have that trade skill, neither does it look tidy in my profession tab as it clusters it with useless titles (I'm not going to re-roll mining to cap it for the sake of the titles).

My third issue is information about when a certain quest line, artifact set or other exclusive items will be removed from the game. I'd like to complete "The Heir of Hammerknell" quest/artifact set, but its been removed and I had no idea when or if it would be removed. The set still shows in my artifact collection, but I'm not able to obtain any more of them. So, A: I have an incomplete artifact set I never can complete, and B: I'm a perfectionist, that means I'm 0.003% off making a 100% complete save.

I know these issues doesn't interfere with game mechanics for the general player, but for me its issues that I'd like to get fixed/being able to complete/know when I need to have them completed before it gets removed/unobtainable.

Hope someone at least appreciates some of these issues, but I'd like a reply on the matter at least.

Kind regards
Nemilia, Defiant @ Bloodiron