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Thread: Whitefall Ideas

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    Default Whitefall Ideas

    I Was thinking of adding a few changes to the whitefall map to make it more team based and way way more fun...

    Since its a game where you sometimes gota defend your base i was thinking of maybe at the entrances into our base putting 2 guns on the wall where theres a gap to enter our base and fill the gap with a gate...

    The gun will have 2 ablitys when you mount/use it the first is an AOE Snare that has a 5min CD or around that so its not too OP and an AOE Spamable ablity that dose damage.. i not sure on damage but you decide on how much... (i was thinking of using the cannons the dwarfs have for the event and the cannons the defiants have)

    The Gate will be placed at everysingle entrance to both defiant and guardian base that will also be guarded by 2 cannons on either side of the gate this will stop people from being able to walk in and solo takeing the crystal and will make our team work together to destroy the gate... the gate will have a certain amount of hitpoints but could be killed by a min of 3ppl so its not too hard but slows down solo ppl trying to cap (also you can open the gate by a switch but ALSO to make more fun u can make sure taht you HAVE to remember to close the gate or it will be left open for defiants to just walk in how fun )

    i not got a problem with solo cappers im just trying to make the map way more fun

    also the gate and guns can be Fix by Picking up a repair kit inside our base that spawns for example repair kits have a 5min CD or something like that you choose

    Also i was thinking of changeing the Crystal in our base to a power core that when taken the enemys base will now have no power for their weapons and gates until it is taken back so it will stop people just sitting in cannons killing people and when the other team captures the power core of the enemy their base guns will do 10% more damage and gates have a 10% more HP for a few mins and buff can be something like (Surplus of power or something like that)

    anyways here is a horrible picture example lol http://i529.photobucket.com/albums/d...-26_205541.jpg

    Anyways feel free to troll or share Ideas but i know no1 will like it anyways and it will just fade away into the other posts
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