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Thread: Cleric Changes

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    Default Cleric Changes

    Clerics are unique in that they can fill all 4 roles. They fill both the healer and support(off-healing) roles exceedingly well. Tanks are sub-optimal when it comes to magical damage and DPS seems to only favor melee variants.

    RIFT heavily emphasizes that Wisdom should be the default stat for Clerics. This is fine because Spell Power and Critical Rating are the only 2 mechanics that a Cleric needs concern themselves with, outside of Focus requirements for DPS and Toughness for Tanks. The actual armor value is only useful to tanks, with no penalty for equipping cloth.

    For leveling purposes, stacking Wisdom is a good strategy. Once you hit 50 however, this changes and Intelligence starts to be favored. At ~450 Wisdom, there are only minor gains to mana regeneration whereas Intelligence still gives 10 mana. At this point, Wisdom gives 0.75SP and Intelligence gives 10 mana, 0.25SP and 1 Crit rating.

    Serendipity, Overflow and Corporal Punishment all rewards you heavily for a strong critical rating and therefore we experience a 1.5:1 Spell Power to Critical Chance ratio. If you do not have any of those talents, it moves to a 2:1 ratio. In the former, Intelligence actually has a higher value while the latter, Wisdom just scrapes by (still leaving many cloth drops as desirable). End result Intelligence is often stronger than Wisdom and Cloth is often a better choice than chain

    As mentioned before, Focus has no value for Healing Clerics. Every single other soul in the game needs Focus in order to PvE. That means that you need to an entire set/drops, thereby diluting equipment pool drops. Focus should have a value to Healing Clerics

    Tanking stats are also quite odd. Block provides the most solid investment option since a single point gives 2-4x the value of Parry and Dodge and it does not have any cap. A properly invested Justicar will receive 0.014Parry/0.014Dodge/0.015Block per point of Wisdom and 0.024Dodge/0.049Block from a point of Strength. This makes Strength nearly twice as powerful as Wisdom for a tank, with absolutely zero items with Strength on them - making this incredibly counter-intuitive. As it stands, tanks currently should equip the best defensive equipment and enhance themselves with Strength boosting runes/effects whenever possible. Strength should not be far and away the best defensive stat for Tanking Clerics

    • Add a critical rating to Wisdom for Clerics, to the rate of 0.25 per point. This would provide parity at a 1.5:1 SP:Crit ratio when comparing to Intelligence
    • Add a passive benefit to Purifier, Sentinel, Warden that transfers Focus to Spell Power at a rate of 0.5 that would only affect healing spells. You could then eliminate Healing Cleric gear sets.
    • Decrease the value of Strength to 0.5 Block/Dodge to Clerics. Increase the talent Stalwart Citadel to convert SP to Block to 15/30/45% so that the equivalent block rating stays the same.

    Preamble: Clerics should not be the best DPS or Tanks. They are already the best healers and very good off-healers. They should however be within 10% of the average DPS/Tank role, played by an average player (ie macros).

    Justicar: This lacks any instant-distance closer. Rebuke acts to fill that void yet terrain will often times cause it to not work as intended. They have comparable physical defensive mitigation abilities. They do not have comparable magical mitigation with a comparison of 28% for Clerics to 52%+ for Warriors. Rogues require cooldown/ability management but are on par with Warriors in this regard. 28% is simply too low to adequately tank at even gear levels to Warriors and Rogues. In most simple terms Cleric tanks take 50% more magical damage than Warriors or Rogues
    Suggestion: Add a passive magic resist boost to Mien of Leadership of about 15% or increase the Endurance buff to 120%. Either we get a higher hit point pool to take the damage or we receive more mitigation to avoid the damage outright.

    Shaman: This soul is very cooldown dependent. Massive Blow has a 15 second cooldown and provides too little damage due to scaling, even with Call of Ice. Rage of the North affects 7 attacks and has a 90 second cooldown. This allows you to use 2 Jolts, which you would have had anyhow with T2-gear Critical Rating. The boost is negligible. Suggestion: Call of Ice should be a T3-talent that provides a bonus to all physical damage at the existing rate. Very little Cleric damage is physical, so it would not translate dramatically to other souls.

    Druid: The soul scales due to the pet. Anything less than 31 points invested into this tree is wasted, which is a shame. I can't see a way of fixing this as you're basically looking at a single skill the defines an entire soul. Perhaps if Eruption of Life could be increased to 10 strikes.

    Cabalist: A pure PvP soul with the only benefits being an easy to reach Resist boost and 2 AE attacks. This soul works fine.

    Inquisitor: Corporal Punishment no longer provides any value once you hit about 40% critical rating, something any entry level raider should see. This causes the soul to have a plateau effect, where critical value drops to very little and the damage scaling component with SP becomes practically linear. Having only 3 spells to use on single targets, 2 of which are useless to re-apply faster than 12 seconds apart makes it feel a one-trick pony. On single targets, a very poorly played Inquisitor will do as much damage as a very well played Inquisitor because of this. AE attacks work well currently. As a ranged DPS soul, this one is between 30-50% behind other callings and is still the best option for Clerics. Suggestion: Include a scaling component at the T6 talent area that provides a passive boost to Life/Death damage based on points invested. This could enhance/replace Corporal Punishment. This should be balanced to bring us at the 10% mark of an average Mage DPS.

    Purifier: Even with the changes in 1.3, Purifier shields only saw a 200-300 point boost, making it difficult to use this at 51 unless you're healing a tank in a raid. It is a soul that depends on cooldowns and a 3 second heal. It would be nice if the shields saw a larger boost.

    Sentinel: Lasting Invocation only adds a HoT based on the amount healed, not on the amount that should have been healed. If HI only healed for 500 damage, the LI only heals for 200. It would be nice to be able to count on that big HoT, especially for the 5 point investment into the talent.

    Warden: A complicated soul that does it's job admirably. Great synergy with Critical Rating and Spell Power as well as a Mana Regeneration tool. Very well designed.

    Overall Suggestions
    • Wisdom should have more value to clerics
    • Clerics should not have 4 viable gear sets (tanking, DPS, healing, mage DPS). 2 at most.
    • Focus should be valuable to every soul, including Healing Clerics
    • Strength should be less valuable to tanking Clerics
    • Tanking Clerics need more magic resist
    • Cleric Ranged DPS souls should be balanced to be within 10% of the Ranged DPS equivalent of other souls


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    I must agree with you that Clerics need a rebalance of sorts...

    I solo a lot, and team some. As one would expect I chose to go the DPS route, since I would want to remain awake by the time the battle ends with a single creature.

    In my case I went the Druid (30), Shaman (12), Inquisitor (12) route

    I had tried to emphasize more Inquisitor, but found that their spells are often resisted and the damage often is just blah or very un-exciting. My level 50 is Inquisitor 41 and still the damage is far from exciting...

    When playing my level 25 Druid/Shaman/Inquisitor, I try to range them with Inquisitor but after cosmetic damage, I close in and pound them down with my Druid melee attacks. My Sprite pet, is a joke and lately I don't even bother to summon the double agent.

    I would tend to think, the Cleric damage really needs to be re-looked at and significantly enhanced, and please do something about the traitorous and worthless pet!


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    Default Clerics!

    Should also shoot fireballs from their eyes and lightning bolts from their arse! Wallice! Wallice! Wallice!

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