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Thread: Increase sourcestone rewards for zone event bosses please.

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    Default Increase sourcestone rewards for zone event bosses please.

    First let me say I think the changes to the sourcestone currencies in relation to the bartered essences is a great change. It allows players who are not actively doing raid content the ability to improve their characters, either to just make them stronger or in preparation for doing raid content in the future.

    That said, with the bartered lesser essences available in the main cities now costing 48/20 sourcestones per, I think that the reward for defeating zone event bosses should be increased. Only getting one blue sourcestone for minor bosses when you need 48 per essence seems a bit much. Yes I'm aware you can get a lot more by doing the expert rift daily quests but not all players are able to do these on a daily basis.

    I would love to see the drops for minor bosses, at least, increased. Perhaps not the epic stones from major event bosses, but that would be a nice change as well.


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    Given that the relative frequency of invasions is small, I agree that it would benefit everyone to receive more stones from invasions, although you have to balance that with the fact that there should be advantages to being progressed further in the game. I really wouldn't recommend going overboard with this; the fact that you can even get the same type of essence without having to do any raid content should be enough. Also, I should mention that the current implementation of invasions makes them more like a zerg than a raid, because a raid is limited in number, and that is why I do not consider them raid content.
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