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Thread: Remove lockouts from Raids

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    Default Remove lockouts from Raids

    What purpose does this serve?, especially on the older raids like Greenscale. The big guilds already farmed it. It basically makes it so noone will pug a raid. The majority of the players that raid are in 20 man set groups every week. Noone wants to start a pug raid because they will be locked out when their guild goes to do a raid.

    I cannot be on set times to join my guilds raids every week. Ive tried on several occasions to start up a pug group to attempt greenscale, with not even close to enough wanting to join.

    I just dont think it would hurt much to remove the lockouts of greenscale, and would potentially get more players to try raiding, with some experienced players to help out as well.

    Right now EVERYTHING seems to be based around being in a guild with 20 set players, and being able to be on the same time of those players. Ya i Know pugs are generally worse, but for some people its the only option. Im not saying dumb down the fights to make them easier for pugs either. Right now i mostly pvp due to not being able to do endgame pve, due to lack of a consistent work schedule, and you arent helping things by making raids a once a week thing, where only 20 set players do week to week.

    Right now when i try to form a raid, i cant invite 20 players from my guild to it, because they already raid, that hurts alot when trying to find decent players to pug.
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