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Thread: PvP Achievements

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    Default PvP Achievements

    Would love to see more pvp achievements, that are hard to obtain..

    - First Blood: get the first killing blow in pvp match; this can progress in ranks: 10 blows, 50 blows,... and can unlock a title once you reach for example 100 first killing blows: "(name), First Blood"

    - Killing Blows Streak achievement: 5 kills without dying, 10, 20, ... with again progression and a title for example 25 killing blows without dying: "(name), the immortal" -> very impossible but that's what makes it fun to get.

    - Damage/Healing Achievements: get 10.000 damage/healing in pvp match, 25.000, 50.000, .... again, progressive achievement..

    - Survival achievements: survive (or win) one match in black garden (codex, etc.) without dying. Again progressive achievement, whcih can cap for example: survive (or win) 3 pvp matches in a row without dying: "(name), the undying"

    These are just three suggestions, I just would love to see more progressive and rewarding pvp achievements, I think this can stimulate people of actually take more action in pvp matches instead of lame afking.

    ty for the ability to post this
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