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Thread: Three suggestions for things that have been irking me.

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    Default Three suggestions for things that have been irking me.

    -When you log into a character while another character of yours is still logging out, don't snap back the selection to the character you just logged out of. I hear 'oh crap logged into the same character' at least 5 times a night just on vent.

    -Allow sorting by buyout price at the AH.

    -Several...hundred times have I come across, heard of, or read about rifts, invasions, and footholds killing rare spawns. While I think it's cool that random monsters will fight the 'invaders', it's absolutely ridiculous that they can kill spawns that can take hours upon hours to spawn. I think a good solution to this would be to despawn (without resetting or in any way mess with the rare spawn's timer) rare spawns until the foothold/rift/invasion/whatever is destroyed.

    Either the guy who picked the spawn points of footholds was messing with the guy who made the rare spawns, or Trion wanted to make some sort of 'extra difficulty' to killing rares...don't worry, guys. There's plenty of difficulty just in finding them and waiting out spawn timers (not to mention the even bigger time sink of artifact collection). Making them despawn until the danger is destroyed or passed still adds difficulty and all that jazz and at least makes it a little less of a pita. It's a serious bummer to wait 4 hours, use the bathroom, come back and see a new foothold and wonder if that means I'll have to wait another (assumed) 30 mins to 6 hours, or some other crazy amount, because the NPCs might have killed the rare.
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