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Thread: Profession: Planarsmith

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    Default Profession: Planarsmith

    I like to hoard ingame goods. This ranges from armor and weapons to consumables and crafting mats. My bags are bursting at the seams and I took a noticing to some of the stuff I had collected.

    I have:
    • planar dust of all flavours
    • stacks of discordant energy
    • stacks of cyclonic mirrors and other rift consumables
    • planarite up the wazoo
    • Augments of all shapes and sizes

    I was just thinking it would be nice to actually use some of this stuff that's just been sitting there.
    • The only dust worth mentioning is eternal planar dust, the others are just used for leveling professions or not at all.
    • I don't know many people who use discordant energy to deal with rift mobs.
    • I do know that rift consumables can be used for resist runes, so that's a good material sink for those. (but you only need so many)
    • Planarite after getting your sigils/omen sight, can be used to purchase raid rifts which is now a nice currency sink. (but you already have corrupted souls and easy t2's)
    • Green rarity augments don't get used as often as they are obtained
    My suggestion is to somehow incorporate a profession that uses these items and demands more of these items, which in turn causes more demand for rifts to be done. It just adds incentive to be out in the world and participating in more rift related events (our guild is stuck on the "close 100 lvl 45 rifts" because no one wants to do them QQ). Plus it stimulates a bit more of the game economy as the entire player base will be able to trade and sell these goods without having to actually pick up a profession and devote extra time to it.

    How to deal with a majority of those items.
    1. Combine augments, dust and planarite to form essences. Have more than 1 augment slot when crafting to introduce the stats and have the core ingredients be rift consumables and planar dust (or something of that nature). I would also like the ability to reroll some of the stats on an essence which would operate similarily to cubing in Diablo. This could help turn those useless soulbound caster essences I get, into a three lined strength essence. 10 str/10 str/ 10 str for the win! (totally extreme example btw)
      They don't have to be AMAZING ones that outshine current raid rift level essences, but there should be room to earn plaques to create items in line with other professions. This would be extremely helpful for creating that resist sigil I always wanted, also getting the ability to replace essences more regularly without wanting to shoot yourself would be nice.
    2. The ability to combine lesser augments into bigger, better augments! So lets say I take 3-5 green augments and throw them together and hope I get a higher quality augment that is related to the augments I threw in the mixing pot. Or have it fail miserably and spit out something hybrid of the same quality.
    3. Making rift consumables.... I NEED ENERGY TABLETS!!! and it would be nice to craft them using planarite, dust, mats from other professions (ore, runecrafting mats, plants).

    The profession would, while providing goods that can be produced reliably, would also have a side of it that behaves like gambling. Having the abiltiy to reroll stats on existing items like augments and essences would greatly increase their value, even at lower levels.
    I would like to bring up the re-rolling part a little more. Troll or laugh as you will, I used to play maplestory which is a free to play MMO that sustains itself on micro-transactions from it's players. One of the items from its store was the ability to re-roll the stats on an item for a fascinating 1 dollar per attempt. You could find players who would throw hundreds of dollars at items just to get perfect tiered and perfect itemized items. The same thing applied when I played diablo, finding seemingly useless gems actually helped gain me more valuable currency because I could trade in those lesser gems to somebody who was using them to reroll stats on a sword or something. To translate this over to rift, as a lvl 50 player, I could buy low level augments from lvl 20 players and make use of them, either to enable the randomization of essence stats or to compound and aim for a better quality augment.

    If ever implemented, I hope it works as a full profession with it's own recipe vendors, whom I think should be friendly elementals.

    TL;DR - Make a profession that can upgrade/make essences, upgrade/make augments, upgrade/make rift consumables, and can salvage rolling stormsources into dust and an endurance augment. I have soo many of them!
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