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Thread: My suggestions for a better Rift

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    Default My suggestions for a better Rift

    Date: 06/15/11, a week before the patch 1.3.
    Hi Guys,

    I am a new player lvl 42 mage and I loved this game, but there are some things that are bothering me, mainly because some details are paramount to an mmo. As I want to be as succinct as possible, I chose only five points that I wish the game was improved.

    1) The sets of characters are very ugly. I played several weak games and poorly developed but I do not understand why Rift is the worst sets ever made. Any mmorpg game in the market at this moment you get have more beautiful sets than Rift and to put better graphics card or graphics costumization is not an excuse when i had the same graphics running the various games.

    2) Some buff skills are very annoying to use. Skills cooldown of more than 1 minute is unjustifiable for me. If the 25 points of skill increases air attack or spell power for 15 seconds, as she does not leave 1 hour buff? It's very annoying having to keep pressing the skill every 2 minutes, particularly if it's crap. If the skill increases 20% or 50% damage for 10 seconds, leave it as 1-hour buff that increases 10% damage. Either way, the scheme of global cooldown is not fun and with these skills is even worse. The builds can be improved in many ways even leaving the game more fun.
    I am not speaking of pet buff skills or the buff skills that use charge, I'm talking about buff skills that end up very fast.

    3) The idea of ​​rifts is very good, but the rifts could be more impressive. In Reachwood I remember I had a quest to visit a air rift to turn it off. This rift was totally different from others because it totally changed the scenario, the floor disappeared and the effects were very angry. Why not have more rifts like him? Rift could have incredible rifts of all elements, where the floor disappeared and powerful effects appear. Still I'll post a some ss of that incredible rift there.

    4) Some skills in the game are still ugly. Why Do not improve visuals effects to buffs and damage skills? And some buffs could be more visible, with beautiful and permanent effects.

    5) I saw some really nice suggestions on the link below, so I also recommend: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...asions-n-more!

    Thats was top five wishes. Thank you for your attention. Sorry for my English, it is not my native language. bye

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    Default Lfg

    LFG cross server is what we need as well !!!!!!

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