I am sure these suggestions have probably mentioned elsewhere in the forum but I like to put most of my input into these suggestions as I think of them.

Rift Events: I think the idea of zonewide invasion is good. Someone has suggested that the defenders guardians/defiants should start to build up the army to go against the invaders if they have taken the base. This will be great for those servers that lacked the actual live population to over throw the invaders. These invaders should stay until they are defeated. Players can help ease this if we have NPC army build up to retake the wardstone or port hubs. Instead of the current overrun then despawn of the invaders, it should be the way that was suggested above.

PVP: I am not a fan of PVP but I like them nonetheless. In order to prevent low level ganking, I would suggest that people who are not within 5 levels of your current level should not be able to attack you even if it's in a PVP server. I don't mind having a lv 50 player standing around and ganking a lv 45. But for the humanity's sake, why would you want to gank a lv 10 player in the beginner's zone? Just my thoughts, I know some people might not agree with this.

PVP Rewards: I like the concept of adding resilence to reduce damage/crits/etcs.. from PVP warfronts. This will prevent people with PVE gear outlasting those with PVP gear. Also, to prevent those with PVP gear out gearing those who runs raid. Two sets of gear will separate this out so people won't complain about either or.

World PVP Rewards: Along with killing the other factions, why not give achievements, gears, rewards for doing world PVP. This has been suggested in numerous forums, I don't see why not implement/encourage people for doing so.

Random LFG: To encourage over geared people to run lower level dungeons, remove the ability to select which tier they will run. If they select Random, and they are T3, they should be able to go into dungeons from normals to T3 instead of selecting random T3. Increase the gold rewards or other types of rewards for those who are in Random LFG. This will help with the problems of people over gearing for the instance and not want to run lower level dungeons.

Cross Server LFG: While this one is subject to debate, I would like to suggest that Xserver LFG is actually beneficial for the following reasons. Let say you have Server 1 with 10 tanks 10 heals and 30 dps but they log on at different times. As such, at any given time you might not have a full group. If Server 2 has the same population of tanks/heals/dps, you have twice as much as the population for doing instances. so if Server 1 has 1 tank 1 heal and 10 dps avail while Server 2 has 4 tanks 4 heals and 5 dps available, with the merger you would have 5 groups running simultaneously. Instead of having Server 1 running one instance and 7 dps on que waiting while server 2 has 2 groups running simultaneously while 2 tanks and 2 heals waiting in que. Last night for example, we tried to run RD, we got tank/heals/1dps, we're missing 2 more dps or anything as such, we sat in que waiting and waiting. Finally we have a lv 50 guildy help out and run the instance.

Cross Faction LFG: This is also another subject that's up to debate. If people are running random, why can't we run with another faction? I mean, a defiant tank and dps can run with a guardian heals and dps? For factioin specific quest inside the instance, you would have to run with your own faction but if you are doing random, why not go through with healing the other side. I mean if you are zoning into an instance, you shouldn't be flagged for PVP. As such, it will work on both PVP and PVE servers. I know some of you might hate the idea of tanking/healing for the other faction but come on? Would you rather wait forever in Santum/Meridian to que up for a random or get into que quicker and run with the other faction? Both are here for the greater good ie. Saving Telara. So why not?

Creating 3rd Faction: Here's another summary that I think is also good. We have the guardian following the vigils and the defiant with the technology, why not have a 3rd faction added to the lore of Telara. Maybe the ancient or something that's neutral and try to keep a balance between guardians/defiants/regulous from being too powerful? Just a thought on this.

Please add more to the thread if you feel that they will benefit Rift in the long run.