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Thread: Bard skill suggestions

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    Lightbulb Bard skill suggestions

    I play a 51 point bard, and am doing t1/t2 content as well as some 10 man raids. Although I do have an offspec that is DPS, my main spec is the bard. Now I have seen in the forum how bards are only a support class and also that many people rather not have a bard around but instead have another DPS. There have been requests that make the bard have some unique skills that would aid the party thus making us more wanted--although there has been very few suggestions as to what unique skill that would be. Some of our present skills are great, but some lack luster, mimic other skills we already have or are down right silly. So here is an idea of what could be replaced, and with what could be used instead.

    1. Motif of Encouragement. This skill allows us to have 5 critters follow us. This has no use for a support role what so ever, yes it is cute, but absolutely no need --plus this is very high in the tree when we get it.

    Instead make it the Motif of Protection. This skill will allow us to make a 8 sec shield over the healers/mages/range in a 6 meter circle (with the center point being the bard) and make the graphics to be similar to the Reaver's Master of Abyss shield that protects him. The looks of a dome over the healers/range will show the use of skill and know to stay inside (as opposed to some circle on the ground that could be something of damage from the mobs). 8 seconds is plenty long enough for the tank to regain the aggro. A one minute to three minute cooldown will make sure it is not overused or spammed.

    2. Verse of Fascination: This is very similar to our Verse of Captivation only it is for a group of mobs instead of one mob. While interesting in theory, there is hardly any time where a support role would need to stop a group of mobs for 8 sec or until it is broken with damage. It is useful at times for 1 mob, but never a group--that is what all the other players are for--as they have massive cc abilities at their disposal.

    Instead have something like a Verse of Dispersal: This will be a poison, curse, disease for the entire party. Again, as support, we should not be able to spam it, but it is supportive help to the healer and the party if we could--as the healer is well....healing.

    3. Just for giggles: Verse of Rebirth should be to the tune of "Taps".
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