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Thread: Please remove Relic quality class armor sets

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    Default Please remove Relic quality class armor sets

    As an MMO player going on 6 years, I regret to say I've never yet owned a legendary/relic quality item, but am okay with it. I understand how incredibly rare they are and how much effort they require to obtain... or at least, that's how it used to seem, before this patch.

    That's right, I was even okay with the fact that they dropped off bosses in a guaranteed manner every Greenscale or Alsbeth kill. It kind of reminds of Ragnaros, the first time I saw Eye of Sulfuras drop... except it happens every raid.

    The stats on the T2 Raid armor are well and good it seems, the art is even fine. Not what I'd like personally, but I digress. I simply do not want the armor sets to be Relic quality. I feel like it devalues the true meaning or bad-assery of having a legendary to just see 2-3 on one person.

    That is, if Relic is supposed to be the highest quality of weapons in the game. If they are not intended to be the rarest types of items even, I suppose it makes sense that one could acquire multiple relics... as there would be plenty more bad-assery to be had.

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    But mommy I liked being unique!!! Why do I have to share? I want to e the special one here!!

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