I love pvp, please add more of it. four WF's just wont cut it for long. I love the idea of adding world pvp quests, good job, but that still isnt enough. Without adding arena (and i dont want you to) there needs to be a lot more options to cater to this player base.

I am hearing a lot of complaints about playing against rank 6 players. I too have felt this while trying to grind up my own rank. A majority of the players are low ranked and losing 20 wf's a day can be frustrating. My suggest would be to make wf's on a rank based system. Each rank wil only be placed with people of the same rank. This will add challenge to those rank 6! However, there has to be a bigger reward for playing against more challening players. More gear? more customizable? more favor for winning? This senario would also create long que times for higher ranked players. Combne more shards on each battle group to make up for this.