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Thread: Readiness Check Solo Instance for T2s and Beyond

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    Default Readiness Check Solo Instance for T2s and Beyond

    Lots of people are complaining on both sides of the debate about undergeared/unskilled players in T2s or elitism of people not wanting undergeared/unskilled in T2s with them.

    Why not make a single player instance that is a test of your ability for a given role and at the same time educational about dungeon mechanics? It does not have to be a long instance, 10 minutes or so. Just enough time to make sure the player can DPS, Heal, Tank or support in a T2.

    Here is what I propose:

    When you enter the instance you speak with an NPC and select a role. That role selection determines what 'test' you will be given. For example, if you select Tank, the instance will put you in a situation where you need to grab agro on many targets before they get to the NPC, then force you to properly position a 'boss', react to dungeon mechnics like moving out of AoE, etc. The DPS instance forces you to react to AoE, enter a 'DPS race' fight (to ensure proper DPS), put you in a situtation to make sure you can target your tanks target, etc...

    In the end you get some form of reward and the ability to queue up for the given role you completed the instance for. If you want to queue for more roles you do the other versions of the instance.

    You can claim normal instances already do this but they really don't. There is a HUGE gap between a normal and expert. I beleive Rifts expert dungeons are easy enough to 3 and 4 man, but some players just are not capable of dealing with the requirements or mechanics of a dungeon because they don't have the experience. Trion should help educate them!

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    There was a thread with a similar idea (not exactly) http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...e-Rift-Academy

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