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Thread: Open world, player influenced hubs

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    Default Open world, player influenced hubs

    Okay so I know I will be flamed into oblivion for it. But I personally feel it would be a good idea to at least toss into this metaverse of hate we call the forums.

    So I see a lot of people complaining about lack of open world pvp incentives. lack of players outside of capitol. I see demands for guild housing and arguments against it due to it would make people disappear from the capitols. yet. I see people complain about too many people inside the capitol too.

    Lets say they implement a way for guilds or people with the resources and player influence to establish their own towns, suburbs, hubs. For whatever they see fit. A guild could control some land, parts of it will be a farm for harvesting certain herbs for potions or a mine for gathering metals and minerals for armor. They can use these gained resources to help boost economy.

    Lets say another guild wants that spot. They like that. They could attack it. Well that farm needs defense. The farm owners will have to plan against it. Add defenses, plan ahead, etc.

    People could make trade hubs on the outside of their forts too. General Shops that sell their specific goods at a rate they deem fair. Maybe add an option for guild members to purchase goods cheaper there.

    The game will need more open world for it most likely. That can be done with future patches. Not so big of a deal if its planned for. If done right, whole areas could be a player built world where guilds fight for land control. Build trade alliances and what not. You wouldn't necessarily even need raid experience or a pvp background to get involved. Maybe you like trading, so do just that. Be a trader. Maybe your a people person... go ahead and forge alliances for your guild.

    This could also allow Trion to make crafting a bigger focus for some. As patches are released some stuff could become more complicated. Crafts could be used to make structures too. Use different people working together, make a group effort type of crafting workshop. One guy works with armors and metals, another whos good with wood and has high gathering so he knows whats good quality, etc. Each players character would bring different strengths to that specific structure being created. Add good materials and the right people then tada, a wall is built and ready to be placed. They could release a new skill set type, like gathering, but for structure placing and world development. Even terraforming could become a reality. Give a base land to work with and then an AoE skill from the Terraforming set could add onto that baseland tile, giving it new attributes. Like this lane is now more fertile for planting seeds and growing plants.

    Basically there is a lot that can be done to make non end-game-esque content that will take time and group effort. Builds communities and gives a sense of accomplishment in the world. Theres something for everyone in it too. PVPers could try and raid establishments, Community/player interactions to form alliances and trade pacts, politics due to conflicts and wars, crafting/gathering to build stuff, customization to a high degree due to its your style and thoughts that make the town. Theres also no sense of an end of the content due to it coming from the player.

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    While a great idea... it sounds better as new MMO. It would just seem a little out of place in this world (what with the rifts and all).

    I'd pitch this to Trion as a follow up game or some such.
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    It's a good idea but it would fit better in the upcoming star wars game (if it is indeed the spiritual successor to galaxies) than it would in Rift. Rift has a specific gimmick to it, and to add something like this would alter it too much. I'd rather they improve upon the gimmick than to drastically change the game.

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