I had actually posted this elsewhere, didn't even realize there was a suggestions section lol

Been thinking about the best way to solve most of the QQ about balance.

The opinions about mechanics not withstanding; one of the main problems arises from the fact that a skill balanced for pvp changes pve and vise verse.

change class X's dmg because it's to high in PvP and suddenly it drops to the bottom in PvE.

People on PvE servers who never had any intentions to PVP suddenly get nerfed because a tiny percentage of players on a handful of pvp servers are owning people.

It works the other way as well.

You decide that Class Y is doing waay to much damage in PvE, so you nerf the entire class screwing the people who PvP with it.

It's impossible to change one aspect without screwing up the other. PvE and PvP are totally different and need to be addressed as such.

The only solution that seems to present itself is split stats for each skill.

Skill 1 does X dmg to an npc and Y dmg to a player.

This would allow you to tweak one without screwing up the other.

You already have this in certain places. A rogue's incapacitate comes to mind. it last 45 sec on a mob and 8 sec on a player.

Now i'm not a programmer, I've never made a game.
I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement. Maybe you can't do it because it would be a nightmare to code...who knows.

But unless i've missed an angle here this seems like the solution to most (if not all) of the QQ.

Perhaps it's too late to incorporate this into Rift, but maybe a someone there will carry this seed to the next game they make lol.

either way, just food for thought.