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Thread: a world pvp idea World bosses that take over small villages of their own. + 2nd idea

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    Default a world pvp idea World bosses that take over small villages of their own. + 2nd idea

    Have regulose take over 2 villages. Each village has a boss that has to be taken down. The boss drops 2 items both epic and = to green scale the pug group or group with most contributing points (most dmg and % of heals that heal dmg that the boss has done to the player are taken into accountability. Put that old meter u guys use to have at release when there was rifts and getting a epic stone but for possession of boss loot)

    Not only will this only happen once every 24 hours upon time of death. But this creates faction pvp for getting those bosses killed but ontop of that, the towns can get a flag that says the guilds name(party leaders guild name) of the village. U can make this event happen in stillmore and shimmersands. so low lvls wont complain about getting rolled. U can also place 1 event in moonshade that lvl 30s and 40s can compete in and brining down the mob for loot. if this idea is taken or taken and tweaked to work plz give boss mechanics to the boss mobs. and also dont show the event happening on the map. So this makes players check ever so often when its up. put 2 bosses up in these zones so u dont get lag fest zerg. An 1 more thing if u can manage to link them if 1 dies and the other boss hasnt been brought down 25% health after a hour or hour and half of the other boss dying it simply despawns. U can make respawn timer of event +7 hours to time of death (tod) of mob or whatever function This would creat a lot of world pvp.

    Also another great idea for the outskirts of certain zones create mini towns that can all be taken over when they go vulnerable for x amount of time. Also put a semi boss mob there that protects it for the faction. The guild that gets killing blow or most points on the mob takes it over for their faction and the opposing faction either A pays more tax and a very small percentage goes to the guild that took it over or B can not use the venders there. U could also put a small 5 man instance that has a VERY small chance of dropping pvp gear nad higher chance for cool wardrobs but a chance none the less and can only be ran once a day. this will creat more incentive for more world pvp.

    let me know what u guys think
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    We already have this in the game minus the town or whatever you're talking about. They are called invasions. We don't need anymore pvevp we need straight up world pvp. See my suggestion thread in my sig.
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