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Thread: Increase shielding power

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    Default Increase shielding power

    Spell shields do not shield for enough damage, we can get a potion for shielding over 1000 damage, but our own cast-able shields only shield for 500 damage.

    Some callings/souls rely upon these shields as major form of their defense, having such a low value that is not affected much by Spell power depletes a lot of the intended defense these callings have.

    Again, poor game design has made to so shields do not protect vs one normal attack, let alone one crit.

    If a calling/soul is design to have shields as a major form of their defense they need to have decent shielding power to accomplish this defense.

    As damage goes up, so should shielding.
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    The only soul that really relies on shields is Purifier (Other souls have shields, but arn't relied on) and in the next patch they are getting a buff so that they scale off spellpower. People on the PTS have noted that their shields are absorbing quite a lot of damage (Between 1k-2k for a shield thats base absorb is for 200-500)
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    Have you ever pvped before?? Also is this your first video/pc game? Good Lawd.

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