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Thread: Flashing Icon on the Task Bar

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    Default Flashing Icon on the Task Bar

    I use Windows 7 for my OS and I noticed that if I alt tabbed and am currently not looking at the Rift window, the Rift Icon on the task bar will flash red if my character is attacked or if my group forms for a random dungeon queue. I really like this feature, really helps when I'm looking at something else while waiting for queues. I also noticed, however, that the same does not happen when I get into a Warfront. Would be simply awesome if this could be applied to WF queue as well, when I look at the Rift screen I never get in WF, the second I look away I get in and I have missed quite a few queues because of this.

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    /signed, I want this bad as well. Shouldn't even be that hard. Replace LFD with WF in the code, and copy and paste! :P

    What do you mean that isn't how code works...
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    Yes, if you need to know, Vespera hit me with a big pointy spiky thing. It was immensely painful.

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    Would be helpful.

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