I do have a feeling this has been posted here a lot, but i'm merely stating my opinion. I also want to point out that the post i'm going to make is coming from THIS thread since i can't be bothered making an entire new post addressing both opinions.

I can't really express how shocked i am by people going against cross-server dungeon pugging. Try to understand the sheer frustration of someone (like myself) trying to pug in order to grind up two levels in order to match up with the current quests i have and i sit along & roll my thumbs for 3-4 hours (or hope a major invasion will occur). (that is if i select a specific dungeon) if i go random dungeon i can wait for 2-3 hours (or more) and have to go Foul cascade which gives me two and a half bars through out the entire run.

I am also surprised at the arguments against the cross-server pugging thing. People saying it will "kill" the community and so on. If you people (who think that this will kill the "community") are so against this, then you can check through the entire server for people willing to go that just one instance with you for several hours and then you should be fine. When World of Warcraft installed the cross-realm pugging system it enhanced the game experience (i was able to play dungeons before i never found people to do it with) & it was so much easier for me to get the gear i needed (not to forget to mention how easy it was for me to level.) It enhanced the game experience in such a great way that i had a fun time pugging & it made my questing easier and more favorable.

I have now (as i write this message) been in a queue for the Kings breach dungeon for approx one and a half hours since i am incredibly tired of doing foul cascade (I'm level 35) and i want to reach 36 for questing (since that's the recommended level for those quests.) i also want to point out that i was level 34 when i started to Grind my way up & most of it has been done by using the PVP system.

Trion NEEDS to install a cross-shard dungeon queue system or else people are going to lose interest and just cancel their subscription (which i am starting to feel i am close to doing."