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Thread: Suggestion, make Dungeon BOP gear trade-able for a short while

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    Default Suggestion, make Dungeon BOP gear trade-able for a short while

    Please make it so we can trade bop dungeon loot for a short while after the roll is over, and only to members of the dungeon.

    It's very nice addition in-case of mis-clicks or change of minds after the rolling is over

    it would also allow unwanted gear to be traded to a Runebreaker at end of the run if they would rather have mats instead of the vendor money.


    Edit: I should have searched before i posted this, I see a similar post about Raid gear but it needs to be done in normal dungeons too
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    I agree that this should be added.
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    This would be great.

    The amount of times I've lost out on rolling on some nice loot because I was trying to be polite and ask if I could need it before (Sometimes It's not a straight up upgrade and occasionally it is a different armour type or even for one of my many offspecs...)

    Also great for those people you accidentally click need or assume there are certain stats on a weapon type and click need before reading (Sure the latter case is just people being idiots but it doesn't make this suggestion invalid)

    Another thing that can happen is an item will drop 2 people need on it (I'll call them Terry and Steve) Terry will win it and equip it and later in a dungeon an upgrade for the same slot can drop again and only Terry will be able to use it (Or the stats suit him better than Steve who would be better with the first item)
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    I was kind of surprised this wasn't part of the game from the start. At the very least it would drastically cut down on support tickets opened to transfer gear from one player to another. I'd also like to see them get rid of the roll timer. A lot of times it's not very clear whether a piece is an actual upgrade or not. And if there's another character the same class as me I like to see what they would be replacing. If it turns out it's a minimal upgrade for me but a huge one for them I'd pass.

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